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Monday, July 10, 2006

wow, now it's space ballet!!!

In a new article entitled "Discovery astronauts perform spacewalk 'ballet'", again linked to from Drudge (with a picture), we get treated to more drama from the current shuttle mission. It's pathetic, really, how they feebly try to garner interest in the same old same old:
... [Astronauts Piers] Sellers and [Mike] Fossum, who a day earlier said the spacewalk would be "quite a ballet," moved to another spot on the ISS to install a spare pump module to an external stowage platform...

...The astronauts then moved to the shuttle's payload bay to make a tricky equipment swap. With his feet secured on a strap on the cargo bay, Sellers at one point held the old and new cable reels simultaneously during a handoff with Fossum, who was held horizontally by the ISS's robotic arm.

Before replacing the part, the astronauts took a moment to admire the view about 350 kilometers (220 miles) above Earth.

"It's like standing in an all-around Imax (3D movie theater). It's just beautiful," Sellers said...
Glad you like the show, Piersy-boy! It's only costing about a billion dollars a year to keep these space jalopies running, so you damn well better appreciate it.

Sincerely yours,

a fellow American who gets reamed in the ass every April 15 by Uncle Sam so that you can be in the space ballet


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