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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

nigeria: left-wing success story

Don Boudreaux points to a New York Times column by Nicholas Kristof that what wonderful job benefits are mandated by the Nigerian government:
local regulations stipulate that companies must give all employees six weeks and two days of paid vacation a year.
Naturally, leftists everywhere are singing its praises. Or maybe not:
Not surprisingly, there are almost no employers in Niger.
Those on the left believe in a massive welfare, regulatory state as the foundation of civilization, but Boudreaux correctly notes:
Commerce is the foundation of civilization, the font of prosperity, and the key to peace. Niger's government -- either because of foolishness or evilness (take your pick) -- squashes commerce in that country. No amount of aid, mosquito nets, op-eds by Sachs, or serenading of Bono and Paul McCartney will do Nigeriens any good until commerce is allowed to flourish there.


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