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Sunday, March 12, 2006

why i hate donald trump

Speaking of Trump, my girlfriend was telling me recently how much she enjoyed "The Apprentice". I told her I would never watch anything involving Donald Trump because I despised him. I've hated Trump ever since he tried to get the state of New York to seize an old woman's home so that he could turn it into a parking lot for one of his casinos:
Vera Coking, an elderly widow from Atlantic City, knows firsthand the power of unaccountable government agencies. The Institute for Justice successfully defended Vera against the condemnation of her home by a State agency that sought to take her property and transfer it—at a bargain-basement price—to another private individual: Donald Trump. Trump convinced the State agency to use its “eminent domain” power to take Vera’s home so he could construct a limousine parking lot for his customers—hardly a public purpose. And unfortunately, cases in which government agencies act not as protectors of constitutionally guaranteed rights, but instead as agents for powerful, private interests, have become all too common.

Thanks to IJ’s advocacy, Vera Coking won in court and continues to enjoy her home of more than three decades.
This was a rare win for property rights and a nice "screw you" to the Donald.


Blogger lorrie said...

I HATE DONALD TRUMP TOO!He sickens me evrytime i look at him ,all the nature and beautiful places hes torn down and put a fucking ugly condo or golf coarse,ugh its jut horrable.he does not know when to stop and he does not know what enuogh is enough...all i can say is he is a slimy greedy snake ,and i know he will rott in hell :)

12:09 AM  

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