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Thursday, March 16, 2006

why i hate the new york times

Few things are more repellent than newspapers that are opposed to free speech for others. Yesterday, the New York Times editorialized about a bill in Congress that would help protect the internet (especially bloggers) from onerous Campaign Finance regulations. Unsurprisingly, the Times is against free speech:
The House bill pretends to be trying to protect the free speech rights of bloggers on the Internet. That is a legitimate concern, but relicensing soft-money bagmen is hardly the solution.

A far preferable alternative measure would fully protect the growing legions of bloggers, but not at the cost of turning the Internet into a tool for the abusive enrichment of candidates. A critical question is whether the Republican leadership will deny the public a fair debate over this issue by bottling up the alternative bill this week.
Boo hoo! The gatekeepers of old media will be bypassed and horror of horrors, those running for office will be able to speak directly to voters on the internet.

Spotted via Hit and Run.


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