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Saturday, August 05, 2006

stopping even more violence

As I've said before, ending the war on drugs would be the best way to lower America's murder rate, but there's even more violence that can be ended by repealing the idiotic war on drugs. Ezra Klein has a harrowing post on prison rape and quotes from an article in The Nation:
It took about half an hour for the Thorazine they'd spiked his drink with to hit. Suddenly Parsell couldn't think straight. He couldn't understand what was being said to him, and he couldn't understand why he couldn't understand. It was, he says, like watching a film with pieces of blank tape spliced into it: "skips, like mini-blackouts," flashes followed by darkness.

Then he was back in one of the dormitories. Four inmates were waiting for him. It was only then that Parsell began to understand what was happening. But by the time the panic hit, it was too late. Ron shoved Parsell onto one of the bunks and another two inmates tore off his pants. Even if Parsell hadn't been half their size, with the Thorazine he didn't have a chance. Ron pushed himself on top of Parsell and raped him, forcing Parsell's head into the pillow to muffle his screams as his rectum was ripped open. His cries were so desperate that they almost suffocated him trying to keep him quiet. But Ron didn't stop. Parsell felt like he screamed for an eternity.
How can we end this horror? The rest of the article is behind a pay wall, so I don't know the author's recommendations, but how about ending the war on drugs? It wouldn't cost an extra dime of taxpayers' money and not only would it spare non-violent criminals from the horrors of prison rape with no escape, but it would undoubtedly reduce the number of violent criminals/potential rapists in prison as well, since the drop in black market violence would lead to less people entering the brutal and murderous trade of illegal drug markets.

Read the whole thing if you can, but Ezra Klein is dead wrong about one thing: "we" are not complicit in this at all. The guilt lies completely on the monsters who do the raping and the thugs and hooligans running the political machines that create and help populate these hellholes.

P.S., am I the only one who is baffled as to how the inmates could get ahold of thorazine? Was it smuggled in or did the steal it from the prison infirmary?


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